UNIQUE Antique Square Azerbijani Shahsavan Jajim Rug 6’4” x 6’8”

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Construction: Hand-Knotted

Design Name: Jajim

Age/Production: 1900'S

Pile Material: Natural Wool

condition: Great condition for age, Please check the photos carefully

Size: 6’4” X 6’8”

Made in: Azerbijan (USSR)


Energising and contrasting, this original rug represent the Shahsavan peoples' culture. The Shahsavan is a Turkic  tribe that lives in Azerbijan and parts of Iran. Shahsavan Jajim rugs are more colorful than other Caucasian rugs and are among the most popular varieties of Azerbijani carpets available. Traditional Jajim flat woven kilim typically woven in square sizes in horizontal loom and are most easily identified by their vertical stripe patterns. Jajim has a very long history and has held an important role in the Persian artistic past. Since wove on horizontal looms is easier due to its speed and practicality, jajims were actively used in daily life and horse cover and thinner jajims were frequently used for decoration and have been prized as luxury items in Iran for centuries. Antique jajims left intact are pretty rare, since it is a common practice to unravel these textiles and use them to repair and restore other rugs.

This Super Rare Jajim Shahsavan rug has amazing natural dyes and is just shining. Stunning colors and a great choice for collectors.

*Note: Photos taken under natural light and are part of the description as they reflect the true condition of the rug.

All of our hand-knotted rugs are professionally washed and treated. All rugs are individually inspected before leaving our warehouse.

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