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Shams Frough established Kapisa Rugs in Summer 2021, after obtaining a degree in Biological Science from the University of Illinois at Chicago during the gap year before starting Medical School. He established the business to honor the tradition of centuries-old rug weaving at his home country where he assisted America's efforts of establishing peace and democracy from 2009 until 2014, when he finally had to migrate to the United States due to the threats he was facing for his involvement with the US military. 

While living in United States, Shams who is now an American citizen and proud parent of 3 children always wanted to introduce the brighter side of his country's tradition and output to his fellow Americans. He also wanted to help his people in Afghanistan by marketing their woven rugs in Chicagoland, while providing those who welcomed him and his family here with character, art and value of the hand made rugs at prices significantly lower then the traditional rug sellers.

 Kapisa Rugs, Area Rugs, Heriz Rug

In order to serve the customers better to find their rug of choice, he then added hundreds of rugs from all across the rug weaving nations. Currently, Kapisa Rugs offers large inventory of high quality hand made antique, transitional and modern rugs from across the world. Kapisa Rugs has been proud of its stress ("whats your budget?") free shopping experience by properly marking and pricing all our rugs. We will never conduct the absurd "rug sale" way of doing business and will always mark up our rugs at a fair way. We offer free and expedited shipment, easy returns and "try at home" solutions to for our customers to make their rug buying experience like never before

Kapisa Rugs, Oriental Rugs, Area Rugs

Kapisa rugs also provides rug repairs and cleaning by our expert contractors. Just like our rugs, we guarantee that no other place beat our prices on rug repairs, rug cleaning and rugs pads. Get you rugs repaired and cleaned by our professionals for the least cost while getting the best result.

Kapisa Rugs will go above and beyond for our customer's complete satisfaction as we believe our rugs will last for decades and we would like our customers to love them each and every day and never have remorse for doing business with us.


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