Fine Vintage Decorative Baluch Salt Bag

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Construction: Hand-Knotted

Design Name: Salt Bag

Age/Production: 1960'S

Pile Material: Natural Wool Pile & Foundation

condition: Perfect Condition

Size: 23’' X 19'’

Made in: Persian


This fine nomadic salt bag rug is has amazing natural dyes and is just shining. Stunning colors and a great choice for display. 

Unique naturally dyed Baluch Salt Bag Rug. The pieces like this was used as a vessel to hold salt, an important and highly valued resource at the time. Balochi or Baluch Rugs are traditional tribal rugs that are made in the wider area of Baluchistan on the eastern borders of Iran and western Pakistan and southern Afghanistan. Balochi rugs often present geometric motifs and tribal designs, and because initially they were made for the use in nomadic tribes inside the tribal tents, they were often weaved in smaller sizes. The ornament contain element named Kurt Agzi which means wolf's mouth or wolf's track. This motif used as protection against possible evil power. Balochi rugs can make very fine entrance rugs or can be used in smaller spaces; they would fit very nicely in a traditional or minimalistic settings.

*Note: Photos taken under natural light.

All of our hand-knotted rugs are professionally washed and treated. All rugs are individually inspected before leaving our warehouse.

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